Increasing System Menu Font Size for OS X Lion

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My father-in-law recently picked up an iMac (with OS X 10.7 – Lion) and loves it. However, his eyesight isn't that great and would like to find a way to increase the font size of the system menu bar like he could on his old Windows system.

I've been unable to find anything in the system configuration that might work. I've heard that the TinkerTool might be able to do it, but I'm a little hesitant to monkey around with his system – I don't want to introduce system stability issues.

Question: Has anyone been able to find any good way to increase the system menu font size?

Best Answer

Without introducing any software that may cause instability - especially since Lion is still new, you might want to look at reducing the resolution to a lower 16x9 setting. This way not only will the menu bar be larger, but text in applications and browsing will be larger. Since you are using a 16x9 resolution, the images on the screen will not appear stretched either.