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Is there any way to get Windows to index epub and mobi files so that I can search them?

After reading this, I was able to add epubs to the list of indexed files, but it only gives me plain text as an option.

Unfortunately both epub and mobi are not plain text files so the even if Windows indexes them searching will be thrown off because they are filled without a lot of funky characters.

Best Answer

File types not recognised by default by the Windows Indexing Service and Windows Search require an IFilter to allow for indexing and full text searches. You can see a list of all installed IFilters using IFilter Explorer:


You can also use Nirsoft's SearchFilterView for this purpose (it also allows you to add/remove extensions to/from an installed filter):


Unfortunately, having searched all the IFilter provider sites listed in that Wikipedia article and others I know of or found on the net, I was unable to find any for the EPUB and MOBI formats.

Unless someone finds a link I missed, I think your options are:

  • Develop your own IFilter if you are a programmer or know one

  • Request IFilterShop, Citeknet or other IFilter developers to do the needful (possibly for a fee, ask them for details)

  • Use another app such as perhaps an eBook reader with indexing/library support to perform your searches