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I'm having some strange kind of trouble with Windows 10. Whenever I try to install any application, a pop-up dialogue box is supposed to come, asking for our confirmation, but such a box doesn't appear, and as a result, I'm unable to install any application.

Whenever I run an installation, the screen dims, but the dialogue box doesn't appear. The sound of the dialogue box does appear though. Can anyone help me with this kind of problem. What could be the reason for this and what are the possible solutions for the same.

Best Answer

I found a temporary solution to my problem. There is a way to bypass the UAC prompt, by creating a task using the 'Task Scheduler' feature of Windows. Here's the link to the website I referred.

Basically, I was able to create a shortcut which would run my program with the highest administrative privileges, bypassing the UAC prompt. Will update the answer If I find a better solution.