Windows – Internet Explorer 10 doesn’t seem to work with Sysinternals Desktops

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I heavily use Sysinternals Desktops version 2 to manage multiple desktops. In the past, I used Internet Explorer 9 as this was the only web browser I found that could function across multiple desktops. However, I've upgraded to IE10 on Windows 7 and now I can't seem to open IE across multiple desktops.

The same issue is noted by someone else here, but no solution was found:

Non-starter answers are to use other multi-desktop apps that do not use use multiple Windows desktop objects. I find other solutions involving showing/hiding windows to be slow/unreliable.

Is there a way to get any of the major web browsers working simultaneously on multiple Windows desktop objects, such as used by Sysinternals Desktops?

Best Answer

  • An old question but it still shows up on Google, so:

    The solution is to add the "-noframemerging" switch to the internet explorer shortcut.

    Clicking the shortcut will now open IE in the current Desktop window (albeit more slowly than normal).