Windows – is 4.5GB of the 8GB of RAM not recognised

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I have recently purchased 8 GB of RAM to upgrade my system to go along with a new shiny i5!

When I run speed checks on my system online I get told I only have 3.5 GB of RAM, also in Task Manager I only see around that value of RAM yet that stupid Windows rating index tells me I have 8.0 GB.

Am I doing/reading/interpreting this incorrectly?

See below what I see:

Information about my system

Best Answer

You have a 32-bit operating system. Because of this, your computer can only address 4 GB of the available RAM. That means, no matter how much you can stuff into your board (or how much your board can handle (as that could also be an issue)), your OS will only ever be able to work with 4 GB of it. The only real fix is to upgrade to a 64-bit operating system.