Is an LED monitor better for eyes than an LCD monitor


Is an LED monitor better for eyes than an LCD monitor?

And if you are allergic to fluorescent light, is LED going to be better? I heard that LED doesn't uses fluorescent light.

Best Answer

there are two things which are casually referred to as "LED" monitor

  1. OLED monitors - these are relatively small, as of the current moment, each pixel is lit by a small OLED, usually used on mobile devices only. there are desktop implementation (read: the sony OLED monitor which cost thousands of dollars). these looks better. they have great contrast ratio, good color rendition but are expensive & had a relatively short lifespan (due to the blue OLEDs - these had relatively low efficiency and die off early)
    see for details.

  2. LED-backlight LCDs. there are still two kinds of these things on the market. The cheap kind is white-LED based. The color rendition is not yet on par with good CCFL backlights (e.g. iMac 27" vs dell U2711, the imac uses the white LED backlight and dell U2711 uses CCFL backlight but the dell had a larger gamut (color range)). the RGB LED backlight is very advanced and can give a very large gamut.

in general, looking at monitors does nothing to the health of your eyes, and more importantly, the contrast and brightness settings matters more than the nature of the lighting efficiency. In selecting monitor. First choose LCD panel (if you needed it - IPS panel vs TN panels vs VA panels) then choose backlight (colour range, power use).

To make everything easier to your eye, adjust the brightness of your monitor according to your ambient light level.