Is GParted very reliable? Is it as good as Partition Magic


In the old days, I used Partition Magic which can support up to 80GB hard drives.

But now it seems needing to buy a copy that will support 1TB drive or 2TB drive and pay $60 or $70 for it… (the newest version on is a 2003/2004 version)

Is the free GParted very reliable?

It seems that the Vista or Win 7 Disk Management Tool can shrink a partition but if there is data already on a 200GB partition but the data is everything in a 160GB region, even though the data is only 70GB, then the tool can only shrink down 40GB to create a new partition. It cannot shrink down 100GB and create 4 more 25GB partitions.

Best Answer

  • I've used GParted for ages and have never had a problem, using the LiveCD edition to be specific. As for comparing it to Partition Magic, I'd say GParted has the upper hand. There is a huge community behind it for support since it's open source, and it supports a multitude of filesystems. Partition Magic is also kind of old, it's last release was 5 years ago, about when GParted had it's first release, so it's safe to say GParted is more up to date. It has handled my 1TB drives with ease, performing more than 20 operations in a single reboot sometimes.

    For partitioning NTFS I'd strongly recommend reading their guides. Since you're using Vista, The How-To Geek's guide is also essential reading.

    GParted is a great tool ever multi-booter should have in their toolbox.

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