Windows – Is HDCP working for ATI/AMD cards on windows 8

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I have an AMD 6950 and am running windows 8 RTM.

I've tried the Catalyst 12.8 drivers and the 12.9 beta drivers.

With either drive HDCP seems to be non operational.

I've got two dell monitors, one a u2410 and the other a 2408wfp. Both were previously identified as supporting HDCP in windows 7 with the same hardware.

I've tested the monitors individual on both DVI and display port, and neither one works.

I'm using cyberlinks BD-Advisor to test. My end goal is getting the DirecTv2PC app working again, which is by cyberlink for DirecTV, and requires HDCP. Currently it shuts off when you start playing a recording.

Best Answer

  • Apparently having Hyper-V installed will cause this issue.

    I still cannot get HDCP to work on display port, but after un-installing Hyper-V I do get HDCP over DVI.

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