Is it dangerous if you drop a metal object(like a screw) on a motherboard that is powered on


I am not very good with electricity so I can only guess. So should i be careful with screws and stuff when the pc is on?

Best Answer

Personally, if you are "not very good with electricity", I wouldn't risk anything!

Turn the computer off and unplug the power unit.

A screw can do anything from complete a jumper down to short circuiting - and if you forget the screws for a second, there are many components that hold a charge and can hurt if you are not careful.

I remember getting a shock touching a capacitor the first time I opened a computer - not deadly, but enough force to basically lift my hand quickly (can't really explain... just imagine someone lifting your hand quick - against your will!)

So, in answer to your question, not always, but it is sometimes and more importantly, it just isn't worth the risk. Turn the power off before doing any work!