Is it possible to associate a secondary email address with an existing *public* key


For example, if I have a friend's public key that's associated with, say, email address, but I want to send him a message at, is there a sensible way to do this? Is there a way to permanently associate with the original public key?

I realize I could manually encrypt from the command-line (via the original email handle) and subsequently email that content, but I'm looking for something 'usable' that would properly integrate with my email client and other standard GPG/PGP tools.

I also realize it's possible to add a secondary uid/email address to a key you own, but neither is that what I'm looking for.

Best Answer

You can add aliases to ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf by abusing "groups":

group =

In new versions of Evolution (tested with 3.22.6) the recipient is passed to gpg including angle brackets. Those must be added when defining the group:

group <> =

Docs here: GPG Key related Options

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