Macos – Is it possible to control the CAPS LOCK LED on OS X


I don't use the CAPS LOCK functionality in OS X, so I disabled the key under the system preferences. Now that key is completely useless to me – ok, I could map the CMD/CTRL/ALT key to that key, but I already got keys for that…

So what I have in mind is to use the LED on the key (I use the recent Apple wireless keyboard) to annouce if I've got mails waiting… something like that. Is it possible to control the LED directly? Controlling it via an objective-c cocoa app is okay, I'll write that app by myself, but until now, I can find anything useful from Apples cocoa documentation.

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One Python example:

It is possible. I am trying to find an app that I found years ago, that could toggle the num lock and caps lock LEDs on my old iBook (10.4). Found that while looking today.

Found it.

Needs to be compiled though.

Oh, and HID LED test tool – Xcode example :D

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