Windows – Is it possible to install an earlier version of Skype on Windows 8


Windows 8 skype is terrible. They've removed many buttons, most of the preferences, and have in general made it impossibly oversimplified and difficult to use.

Old Skype was fine when I had windows 7. Is there any way to get it back on Windows 8?

Best Answer

Install the desktop version of Skype.

To start using Skype for Windows desktop:

  • Download the latest version of Skype for Windows desktop.
  • The download bar appears at the bottom of your internet browser. Tap or click Save.
  • After the download ends, tap or click Run.
  • When prompted, select Yes to start installing Skype.
  • Windows 8 switches to the desktop and Skype opens.
  • Sign in and start speaking to your friends.