Is it possible to record audio from just one application on windows

audio recording

I want to be able to record audio from a single application running on Windows 7

So for example, If I want to record application A, and my internet browser plays a noise from a advertisement, the recording does not pick up this noise

I know you can change the volume of all applications independently using the mixer inbuilt to windows, but I want the noise filtered, so I could even watch a film without interupting the recording of sounds from application A.

Best Answer

This is possible, but it depends on the software and the sound card.

Sound cards can have multiple inputs/outputs and will allow signals to be routed. Therefore it is possible, if the software allows it, for you to select what output to use. At this point, you can route the signal.

So, based upon the likelyhood of the software giving you this option (which is minimal if not designed to allow this), coupled with an on-board sound card, I'd say no.

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