Is it possible to recover data after GPT to MBR conversion and repartitioning


I tried to install Windows that requires MBR system to a GPT system. I converted GPT to MBR using diskpart utility. After it all my logical disks disappeared and only one (with total amount of space) was left. I divided it into two parts and installed Windows on one of them. Everything is OK but I need some data from my old disappeared logical disks.

Is there a way or is it possible to recover data somehow?

Best Answer

I'm afraid to say that the chance of recovery from this is very small, your time will be better spent recreating the lost data and/or working out how you are going to get on without it.

If you want to try to recover the data, your best bet is to immediately power off the computer, take that disk out and take it to a data recovery specialist. The kind of low level stuff you would need to do to get at any traces of data that may remain is way beyond what we can go into on a forum like this (not that I understand it anyway).

I'm afraid to say this is a very expensive process and has a very small chance of success.

There will certainly not be any way to recover data by installing one of the recovery utilities or booting to a recovery live CD.

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