Is it possible to run a motherboard in distilled water


I have read that distilled water doesn't conduct electricity. This, in other words, means that we can submerge electronic devices like PCs/laptops in it and run them without any problem. I haven't seen much information about this on the internet, but it should be possible.

So, can you really run a PC in distilled water? I don't know if you can, but I think if you could, it would start rusting/corroding in a few days. 😉

Best Answer

I've done it. Don't do it.

I set up a computer in an acrylic case with good quality distilled water and a cheap motherboard as a test, with heatsinks only (no fans/moving parts). I cleaned the inside of the case with isopropyl alcohol, thinking that would remove any existing contaminants.

Within a day or two, I noticed that all the contacts/metal parts on the board began to rust. Even the stainless steel on the case of the SSD had begun to rust. Another day later, the motherboard died. When I removed the motherboard, being the first time anything physically removed (no fans), a huge cloud of rust particles came off and turned the water a lovely brown color.

Stick with something that metal parts can be friends with, like mineral oil.

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