Is it possible to run vim on a remote server via ssh but show UI on MacVim on the laptop


My projects files are on a remote Linux server. The project can be very large. I need to find files within the project when using vim. If I mount the remote filesystem onto my local machine with sshfs, finding files would be very slow. So I have to run vim on the remote server. But I'd like to use MacVim running on my local machine. Is it possible to run vim on the remote server which sends the console and commands to my local machine via ssh such that MacVim can show everything sent from remote?

Best Answer

There is no client-server separation like in Emacs, so if remote file system access is out of the question, you have to launch Vim on the remote system. That would be either console Vim through your Mac OS terminal application, or (if you have an X server running), you can ssh -Y (X11 forwarding) and display a remote GVIM instance on your local system. It would be the Gnome-based Linux GVIM, not MacVim, but feature-wise very similar.