Is it possible to use a laptop as a “router”, using an old hub and connecting other devices to a wifi laptop


I have a wi-fi connection at home. My laptop uses it.

I want to use an old ethernet hub that I have, connect two ethernet cables (one in a ps3, one in a media center) on it, and a cable going to my ethernet port in my pc.

I want to these devices to be able to see all machines like they were "wi-fi" too, possilby sharing a folder in my laptop so the media box and the ps3 would see it. My pc would be a "bridge" between the original wi-fi router. If possible, I would like to give ips to these ethernet machines using DHCP from my router (I believe this DHCP need is difficult or impossible).

Is this possible? I'm using Windows 7 64bits and Debian Lenny 5.0.5.

Best Answer

    1. In control panel -> network connections, I right-click on my WiFi adapter (not the virtual wifi port) and then Properties, and then click on the sharing tab. I put a checkmark in "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection". Under Home Networking Connection drop-down, I chose "Local Area Connection" which is my laptop's LAN NIC.
    2. I unchecked Allow other computers to control...
    3. OK
    4. Make sure the LAN NIC you will use for connecting to the other computer has any static IP configurations removed and set to DHCP.
    5. Make sure the LAN NIC on the desktop you will connect to is set to DHCP also.
    6. Connect a crossover cable from the laptop to the Desktop.
    7. If it's windows vista or 7, then it should connect and present you with the "Home network, Public Network, Work Network." Choose appropriately. You should now be connected! If the desktop doesn't automatically connect, you may want to "Diagnose" or "Repair" the LAN connection.


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