Is it worth to buy a SSD for the desktop machine if only support SATA II

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I know that there are similar questions but I was wondering if I could get a little more information about this.

The SSD disk is not cheap at all so I wonder if I'd really notice the difference. I basically use my desktop machine for development purposes.

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  • I wonder if I'd really notice the difference.

    Hell yes. There is a big difference. Both in price, size and performance.

    SATA-1,2 or 3 matters a lot less. Having an older SATA interface on your motherboard will slow down benchmarks and set a cap on sequential reads (e.g. reading a large movie).

    However the big advantage of SSDs is random I/O. These kinds of access do not come close to the performance ceiling of SATA-2, let alone SATA-3.

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