Is mini displayport fully compatible with displayport and G-Sync


I have a GTX 1080 video card in a laptop. The laptop outputs Thunderbolt, Mini displayport and HDMI. I read that G-Sync requires a displayport. I've seen adapters to go from mini displayport to displayport v1.2. Can I use my ROG SWIFT PG248Q as an external monitor with a Minidisplay port as the input on the other end and still get the full capabilities of G-Sync?

The posts that say G-sync is not HDMI compatible are pretty old. Is it still true that HDMI is not G-Sync compatible?

Please note that whatever I do, I want the capability to overclock the monitor to 180 Hz.

Best Answer

I bought a DisplayPort to mini DisplayPort cable with male adapters on both ends. It works just fine. I have G-Sync and I'm able to up the refresh rate to 144Hz. And it seems to be able to handle OC up to 180Hz. The only issue I had was that 3D enabled itself and I had a hard time turning it off. Eventually the issue just went away.