Is the local certificate store missing in Windows 8.1


I am trying to import a self-signed certificate into the local certificate store of the Trusted Root CAs on my Windows 8.1 machine, but that store is missing. Importing it into the Trusted Root CAs store doesn't work (i.e. browsers keep telling me that the certificate is not trusted).

So basically what I am looking for is this:

Enter image description here

My user account also had administrator rights on the machine, if it can help.

Best Answer

  • One can edit the certificates on the local computer this way:

    1. Start → Run: mmc.exe
    2. Menu: FileAdd/Remove Snap-in
    3. Under Available snap-ins, select Certificates and press Add.
    4. Select Computer Account for the certificates to manage. Press Next.
    5. Select Local Computer and press Finish.
    6. Press OK to return to the management console.

    Once the local certificates are displayed:

    1. Click to open "Trusted root Certificate Authorities"
    2. Right-click on CertificatesAll tasksImport
    3. Browse to your certificate to import it.

    You can save this console for future use via the menu FileSave As.

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