Windows – Is there a handy alternative to change volume balance in Windows 7

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I need to change volume balance every now and then as my headphones have the right ear too silent (while still very good in all the other criteria) while the built-in speakers are Ok. Unfortunately balance adjustment is hidden so deep in Windows 7 that it annoys me a lot to go there every time (it was much better in XP). Is there an alternative way to change it? Like a handy app just for this, a console/powershell command or a scripting way? I only need to switch between two states: normal and one biased.

UPDATE: Though I have accepted an answer, I am still looking for better alternatives as the app suggested is, as I have said, too unstable.

Best Answer

  • SimpleSndVol is a small Windows plugin that will add a tray icon with added functionality, including balance control. It will also allow you to map balance control to a HotKey. Link below.

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