Word – keyboard shortcut to indent a nested bullet point in a table cell the proper way

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Open Word and insert a table (1 x 1 will work just fine).

Right-click in the table and, in the context menu, select "Bullets" and a bullet image from the bullet library.

enter image description here

Type something and press enter.

Type something else, but, instead of clicking enter, right-click and select "Increase Indent"

enter image description here

Notice something else moves into the proper indentation of a nested bullet:

enter image description here

Outside of a Word table, you would simply press tab to get this behavior, but I want a keyboard shortcut (if available) to do this inside the table.

This is what I've tried:

  • Ctrl + Tab: Just indents the text, not the bullet
  • Ctrl + T: Same as Ctrl + Tab
  • Ctrl + M: Indents the text and the bullet but does not change the
    bullet style

Can this be done outside the right-click context menu?

Best Answer

In at least Word 2010, you can increase/decrease the indent in a bulleted or numbered list using the following keyboard shortcuts:


Mac: Shift+Ctrl+/