Windows – way to search the windows application menus like OSX’s CMD+SHIFT+/ command


I've moved from an OSX to PC workflow, and I've duplicated just about everything except when I need to use a menu item that I can't find.

On OSX, I'd often use the CMD+SHIFT+/ command which brings up the application help menu – from there you can type a command and the program will reveal the correct menu item.

Example in OSX Photoshop: CMD+SHIFT+/ , type in Crop, push down, enter.
      Works for any obscure menu item.
Example in W7 Photoshop: fish through menus till I see what I want.

It's an amazing productivity tool. When I tried Rhino, I started wondering why all applications didn't let you type in a command with auto complete. I found out with OSX you basically can. Now I can't live without it!

Is there any similar functionality or app for Windows 7?

Here's an example of looking up an obscure nested command.

enter image description here

Best Answer

The closest I can think of is to hit the alt button, then hold shift and type a letter. In the menus, a letter is underlined, and when you type shift + letter it selects it.

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