Windows – ny way to make taskbar icons bigger in Windows 10

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So after Windows 10 installation I've noticed that icons in taskbar became a significant bit smaller than they were in Windows 7/8 while taskbar height stayed the same, here's the comparison:

enter image description here

The reason for this is probably addition of the blue line below + some spacing for it, however for icons it results in almost 30 percent change in size which is a bit less than my comfort level at least currently. However the only option I've found is:

Image comparing the sizes of taskbar icons in Windows 10 with their sizes in older versions of Windows

Which is of course making them even smaller. So I'm asking for any possible ways including registry hacks to make them bigger. I've tried some old hack which mentions MinSize registry value however it doesn't seem to affect the taskbar in Windows 10.

Best Answer

You can use 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

  1. Right click the title bar to go to Advanced Options
    Advanced Options
  2. Under OptionsEx, set the w10_large_icons to 1 w10_large_icons