Is there software that will organize files and folders?

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I'm looking to organize my files and folders and was wondering if there was a software that fits some of these criterion:

  • Scans specified folders, and pulls them up so that I can easily identify what the file is
  • Ability to "categorize" each file, or large amounts of files at a time and then sorts those files into folders titled as their category
  • Possibly have "sub categories" that will then further sort those files into subfolders
  • Ability to 'mass edit' file names and even metafile data
  • Duplicate file detection

Most of the files that I will be working with are document files (.docx, .pptx, .pdf, etc,.) but I also want the ability to work with any filetype. Is there such a software, or combinations of software that takes care of this?

Best Answer

belvedere might be part of the answer - it scans set directories, and organises them based on a set of user-created rules