Windows – Is there some way to prevent any and all restarts? Not just from Windows Update

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I am running a critical research program on a Windows 7 PC that needs to run uninterrupted for several months. I have had to re-initialize the entire experiment several time due to unexpected restart. Windows Update is disabled, and I have removed automatic updating from all background programs that have an option for it, but I am still getting restarts at random intervals that completely destroy my experiment.

Is there some way to prevent any and all restart requests?

Best Answer

  • For this to be effective, I would shut down any and all unnecessary services and programs unrelated to the experiment (such any AV or anti spyware programs as well as superfluous driver add on's or updaters). Is the experiment using the Internet? If not, disconnect it.

    Additionally get a nice big UPS connected to the machine, one that is far bigger than necessary so it can withstand a power failure of a couple hours. Probably a 2000 VA or more. If the Internet is needed for the machine, go bigger on the UPS and hook up your ISPs modem and your router to it so the Internet stays up in the power outage as well.

    Make sure all power saving features are disabled, including battery ones if you happen to hook the ups up to the computer via data cable as well.

    Hope for the best of luck.

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