Just built a new computer. Power will not turn on – clicks once, then nothing

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I bought a bunch of new parts and put it all together to test it all out, before putting it all into my case. I then assembled everything into my case, attempted to turn it on, and nothing happened but a single click from the PSU.

I've got a Corsair CS450M modular PSU, and my motherboard is a ASRock H97 Anniversary ATX LGA1150.

Even when I just have my power button, PSU and motherboard connected, hitting the power switch only generates that click and nothing else. I have another PSU, a 380W that came stock with an HP desktop some years ago that I had been using until now, and when I plug it into the motherboard and attempt to turn it on, nothing at all happens.

Is there some way I can test my Power Supplies to see if they have somehow gone bad, or if my Motherboard has gone kaput? I'm really not sure how to test this sort of thing out, and it was working just fine before I put it all into my case.

Best Answer

Turns out; the wiring was actually reversed for the Power+ and Power- on the motherboard (or, they're mislabeled). I guess the first time I tested it, I accidentally plugged it in "backwards" and it worked. T'was a strange one, but everything seems to work fine, and they're the only plugs on the entire Mobo that are backwards/mislabeled.