JVi alternative that supports .vimrc


Considering that jVi does not support .vimrc files, what alternatives do we have that do support .vimrc files? Specifically, I have many handy insert-mode mappings that I would prefer not to give up, such as this:

inoremap kk <Esc>A

Additionally, there are some mappings that I could live without, but I think that I will need real VIM for, such as this:

inoremap hh <c-o>?\%<c-r>=line('.')<Return>l\({}\\|\[]\\|<>\\|><\\|()\\|""\\|''\\|><lt>\)?s+1<Return>

Note: I know that the question of VIM keybindings in Netbeans / Eclipse / any IDE comes up often enough, but in this question I am not asking about VIM keybindings, but rather about .vimrc specifically, or better yet real VIM embedded in Netbeans. I have not seen this facet addressed in any other of the myriad of ostensibly-similar posts.

I have looked at Vi Vim for netbeans / ViEx, vim for netbeans, and others. Apparently VIM includes a socket interface for integration into an IDE which is interestingly enough called "netbeans". The help file for this feature lists a few projects, but is terribly out of date. The only project that still seems active from that file is PIDA but their website is down.

Best Answer

IntelliJ has nice Vim plugin, and it supports vimrc. Ofc it's not 100% compatible but like 85-90% which is greater. IDE itself is not free but you can use development version which is pretty stable https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/

The other nice solution as @romainl mention is Eclim http://eclim.org/ It gives you IDE power in your Vim.