Windows – Keyboard not working in Windows 10 Apps + Start Menu

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I recently updated to Windows 10 anniversary update and recentlly noticed the PS/2 Keyboard has stopped working in Windows 10 apps such as the settings menu and the start menu. Desktop apps and control panel work fine including shortcuts buttons such as volume up, web browser etc.

The default driver installed seems to be Lenovo ThinkPad driver PS/2 keyboard (which the keyboard Is not). I uninstalled the driver, un-plugged keyboard and tried changing the driver to the standard driver and HID keyboard driver with no luck.

How can I get the keyboard to work in the Windows 10 app section?

Best Answer

If you are still stuck try this simplest of the solution.

  1. Press Win+R (to open Run )
  2. Copy paste and press Enter to run this program. C:\Windows\system32\ctfmon.exe. It brings back the language bar and for me it allowed me to type in Windows search, start menu and Windows 10 apps again.

I think it is due to the missing language bar or something like that.

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