Laptop battery holds charge, but won’t charge any more


Ok, I'm sure I will need to replace either my battery or my AC adapter, but would rather not buy one if the other is the problem.

My problem is. I have a Sager laptop that gets quite a bit of use. The charging has always been a little bit odd. If I was in the process of using it, it would charge just fine and stay On AC power. If I left it alone, however(power settings to ONLY turn off the monitor) in either Ubuntu or Windows 7 it decides that it didn't want to use AC power anymore and would just start draining the battery until it died.

Now, suddenly, it won't charge at all. The capacity was great up to this point which happened in an instant. It will recognize the battery but won't see the AC power if plugged in while the battery is in. I can power up the laptop without the battery and it works fine. If I plug in the battery while powered up it will claim it's charging it, but it stays at the same percentage. If I unplug the power, it will switch over to Battery fine, but I have to power down and unplug the battery to get it back on AC power.

I've had dying/dead batteries before but they typically won't hold a full charge anymore but it still winds up to 100% then drops quickly when unplugged. This seems more like a chip problem in the battery to me, but I'm not sure.

Any ideas?

Best Answer

I'm not familiar with this manufacturer at all, but I agree that this could be a problem with the battery gauge. Look in the OEM's power management software and see if there is someway to do a gauge reset or calibration or maintenance cycle or something to that effect.

This could also be the charging mechanism on the laptop itself - the easiest way to see that is to try another battery. (If it does this with any battery you're probably looking at a motherboard replacement; that stuff is usually integrated.) Veeery slim chance that it might be the actual power connector for the adapter but that's incredibly unlikely.