Laptop battery software to disable charging AND battery usage

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I'm going to buy a Microsoft Surface notebook that does not have the capability to easily remove the battery. I'm also going to be near a powerpoint for around 90% of my usage of this notebook.

To maximize the battery life on my previous (old) laptop, I would take out the battery whenever I was near a power point (which was most of the time). Since I'm no longer able to do this on the Microsoft Suface, I am looking for software that can both (i) completely disable the battery from being used whenever AC power is plugged in, and (ii) make it such that the power is only powering the computer and is NOT charging the battery.

Put another way I'm looking for software to "trick" the notebook into thinking that the battery has been pulled out.

Best Answer

As far as not charging the battery is concerned, the laptop will automatically shutoff charging when the battery is charged. You do not need to remove the battery to do so.

The only reason you would need such a software is to prevent a large number of shallow discharges of the battery if you unplug it for 20-30 minutes and plug it back in repeatedly, or want to keep the battery at a charge level lower than 100%

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