Laptop Brightness dims when charger is unplugged(no solution)


Hello yesterday i bought DELL Inspiron 15 (3542) win 8.1. And noticed that if charger is plugged on, screen becomes brighter, and after unplugging dimmer. Of course i tried adjust screen brightness, I've tried changing all power plan settings, changed advanced power settings to max. tryed go to bios but there was nothing about brightness. i tried use brightness buttons on keyboard no matter if charger is plugged in or not the bright bar is still set to full, however the bright difference still exist. the bright difference then charger is on are about 4%-6% . then i pull out the charger the screen becomes darken in few sec. and i noticed that after closing and opening the led(then computer is using only battery power) at the start screen is same bright as with charger plugged in. My sister have older Dell laptop(bought 4years ago) and for her the bright difference was about 50% but i repaired that through Bios. So how i can fix that uncomfortable issue?

Best Answer

I know that this question is 2 years old, but this issue still pertains to this day, and might still be of relevance to some people. I'll be sharing a solution that I found. I'll guess that OP has a laptop with an AMD GPU/iGPU. Basically the graphics driver is causing the screen to dim. To fix this, right click your desktop, then (probably at the top of the menu), click 'AMD Catalyst Control Centre' Then, under 'Power', click 'PowerPlaytm'. Within the new menu that is brought up, look at the bottom where it says 'Enable Vari-Brighttm'. Untick it. Your problem should be solved, as was mine.