Laptop charger dying after plugging in


My laptop charger's transformer has a green light on it that indicates that it's plugged in and working.

When I plug it into the wall, the light goes on as expected. As soon as I plug it into the laptop, the light immediately turns off and my laptop doesn't get any charge.

After that, the charger's light doesn't turn green again, even though it is still plugged into an outlet. I need to unplug it from the wall and wait a few minutes. It's strange – unplugging and immediately re-plugging it does not bring back the charge; I have to wait.

Is this a charger issue or a laptop issue?

Edit: Hooked the charger into a voltmeter and power went through fine. I guess this means that it's a short in my laptop itself.

What are my options now?

Best Answer

  • This happens because of a short contact, which indeed is in either the power adapter or the laptop.

    You'll first want to verify the charger, for which we will need a multimeter.


    On the bottom of your charger you will find output information which we will need to match.


    You need to put your multimeter on V- 20 and verify that it reaches the voltage, do the same with A- 10. In this case the results would be around 12 V and 1.0 A. If yours match these numbers, then the charger should be fine.

    Try to use your laptop without the battery to see if it's the battery, otherwise the power circuit of the laptop is broken. From this point on, it's a matter of testing the connector and circuit to find the issue, or send it back in if it's still under guarantee, or you don't want to mess with it yourself. Good luck on finding a fix!

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