Linux – Access Desktop as root user in linux


I know the command to get to your Desktop is cd ~/Desktop. This however does not work as the root user. However I need to be the root user because I would like to move a file, from my desktop into my /mnt/disk folder so that I can mount my .iso. I can't click-and-drag either as I do not have permission. I've been trying for about an hour and am quite frustrated; so any and all help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Best Answer

If you want to access a folder under another users home directory instead of using ~ you need to use ~username. So I would do something like ~zoredache/Desktop. You could also simply use the full path. Typically on a Linux system the home directories are under /home, so you could use cd /home/zoredache/Desktop.

If you cannot access your home directory while logged in as root, then that indicates that you may be try to access a filesystem that was mounted with fuse. As a security measure, by default, fuse will setup restrictions to prevent any else from accessing the filesystem except the user that mounted it.

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