Linux – Any dangers of sharing /home partition between two distros


I have a laptop with a 250GB HDD. I have an existing installation of Kubuntu across three partitions (A 20GB one for /, 2GB for swap, and something like 97GB for /home). If I add another partition, use that as / for a Mint 13 install, and then use the existing /home partition as Linux Mint's home folder (different user names), are there any dangers (besides badly done partitioning, and other dumb things like that)?

Best Answer

This should work if you take care with uids.

Consider the following example: In Kubunto you have two users: John, uid 100, and jane with uid 101

In Mint you make a few users: Jane (100), test2 (101), test2(102), Doe (103) etc

/home/john/ will is accessable by john in your original Kubunto. However in mint /home/john/ belongs to jane (wo has uid 100 in the mint example).