Linux – Boot option not available to boot Kali Linux (installed along side Windows 8)

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i have Sony Vaio laptop with pre-installed Windows 8. I installed kali linux (in UEFI mode) alongside with windows 8. On first restart, I got both the option in the boot menu i.e., to either start kali linux or windows 8. I chose windows 8 first. After I restarted again, that dual boot option is not showing anymore and windows 8 is starting automatically. What should I do to get dual boot option to boot either Kali Linux or Windows 8?

Best Answer

You might consider getting third party boot menu software. Windwos 8 is not to natively boot Kali Linux, so I'd go with 3rd party software that is made to recognize multiple OS's.

EDIT So per the comment below, I have decided to revise my answer. You can install A boot loader like this one here it will list all the OS's installed and you can choose the one that you would like.