Linux – Cannot get firefox to tile correctly after last update to Awesome WM in Arch

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With all other programs I've tried mod4 + m will toggle between tiling and maximizing window. This doesn't happen with firefox. Here are the two states that the tags go between when pushing mod4 + m. I normally associate the plus sign w/ the tile being in the maximized state.

State 1:

state 1

State 2:

state 2

Best Answer

  • I was having the same issue (with firefox and other apps).

    I found something here : awesome wm - Plus symbol in task bar - Stack Overflow.

    But I had to improve a bit on it because after that firefox was starting in floating mode.

    This code in my ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua fixes the issue but it should be only a temporary workaround:

    { rule = { class = "Firefox" },
      properties = { opacity = 1, maximized = false, floating = false } },
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