Linux – Decompress lrzip on Windows


I've happened upon lrzip as a compression tool, which compared to gzip, the compression was insane.

lrzip compressed a 300MB text file to 7MB where as gzip only managed to get it to 100MB.

I've transferred the file from an ubuntu machine to Windows but now not sure how I decompress lrzip files on Windows?

Best Answer

3 ways are possible:

  1. Compile a Windows version yourself. The source of lrzip is available on GitHub.
  2. Use something that can be found on Google. I found an old version, that might not even work. And: always be careful when downloading precompiled binaries from the Internet. Some of them might contain unwanted effects (read: viruses, or something alike).
  3. Use a different format. They might not be the optimal solution for your problem, but they will still achieve only slightly less compressed archives. Some might even be equally compressed. 7-Zip is a free tool (one of the many. again: google for other options.) for Windows that supports many of the compression formats available on Linux.