Linux – Email client for Linux which can store GPG messages decrypted


Is there any graphical email client for Linux which can store GPG messages decrypted? I have tried Thunderbird with Enigmail and Evolution but if I'm right none of them support this.

(I know that this is somehow a security hole. The mailbox would be on an encrypted drive.)

Best Answer

While I never used a GUI email client which does that, you can use mutt [ which is a CLI email client ], and which has two useful commands:

  • decrypt-copy -> Lets you save the decrypted contents of an email to a file
  • decrypt-save -> Does a decrypt-copy then deletes the email

These two commands are unbound by default, but you can bind them with the bind command, e.g.:

bind pager <F5> decrypt-copy
bind pager <F6> decrypt-save

Would make F5 do a decrypt-copy and F6 do a decrypt-save