Linux – F5 Networks Big-IP Edge Client for Linux


My company just switched from Cisco VPN to an F5 Networks Big-IP Edge VPN infrastructure. F5 can provide clients for common operating systems, but unfortunately my company provides clients only for Windows and Mac OS-X while I'm currently using Linux (Ubuntu).

From what I understand, the Big-IP Edge Client is customized by/for each company itself, so it has to be provided by the company itself, but I may be wrong (I hope so).

Can I build/package/download a Linux client myself? If so, what information do I need in order to do so?

Should the answer be no, is there some way to use the Windows or Mac OS-X client to connect from my Linux (Ubuntu) box (e.g. a guest virtual windows machine used as a "bridge" or "proxy" for my host Linux box, or maybe Wine…)?

Best Answer

I had the same problem. I installed VirtualBox in Linux (i use xubuntu) then I installed Windows10 within Virtual box. Once that was completed I then downloaded and installed the F5 Networks Big-IP Edge Client for Windows. this works really well; but it takes a little more time to startup a vpn session.

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