Linux GUI Regular Expression File Renamer (with substitution)


I have folder with several hundred files named like this:


I want to rearrange the file names so that last two digits are moved to the front like this:


I want to avoid writing a script.

Instead, I'm looking for a "linux gui regular expression file renamer" that can recursively evaluate all files in a folder (and its sub-folders).

I want the ability to specify a regular expression for matching a file:


And I want the ability to perform regular expression substitution to rename the file:


Any suggestion?

Best Answer

I realize this is not exactly a "GUI", but you didn't say anything why that is a requirement, and there are already-written command-line tools that do this; e.g. perl-rename:

find ~/dir -type f -exec prename -n 's/^(\d\d)(\d\d)(\d\d)(.*)$/$3$1$2$4/' {} +

(-n turns on "test" mode. When you're satisfied with the output, run again with -v or no options instead.)