Linux – How does one view the terminal (tty) output externally? (Not a new ssh session, but what is currently going on)

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Basically I've set up a few Raspberry Pis running different programmes, and I'd like to see what is being outputted on them. I can obviously connect via SSH, but that's a new tty session. Tried googling it, but I think my terminology is a little odd!

Best Answer

try screen:

Logon to a Terminal and type apt-get install screen to install it.
Start screen by typing screen.
Tap Enter to get past the welcome screen.
start a process, for example a slow download:

curl --limit-rate 5K \

Press ^ad - Ctrl+a (Release Buttons) d - to detach.
Close the terminal.
logon as the same user (via SSH if you like) and type screen -r to resume.

screen can do a lot more, check out man screen.

As a side note, if you want your process to start on boot you should consider using an init script and make your process write logfiles.