Linux – How to add a Windows path to the Windows Ubuntu Subsystem path


I have a folder in my F drive and I want the bash on Windows Ubuntu Subsystem to point to it.
The Folder is


I am not sure how to add the Phrasal directory to my Shell path in the Windows bash.

My Shell path is


In other words i would like to have all the files in the phrasal directory to be available in the HOME directory or copy the files into HOME directory

Best Answer

First, I don't understand what do you mean by Shell path. You said your Shell path is jos@HOME:~$. jos is your username and HOME is your computer name. ~ indicate home directory.

If you want to access your folder in F: drive then you can do this:

cd /mnt/f/Projects/Phrasal

This will navigate you to the folder you want. If you want to add it to your PATH then do this: