Linux – How to change the Dropbox directory on a headless GNU/Linux server


I have installed Dropbox 2.0.0 via command line on my home server (Ubuntu Server 12.04) to use for off-site automated backups, but I can't change the directory that the Dropbox daemon keeps synced.

I've tried the following:

The official docs say to use the desktop application, which is not applicable in my situation. However I installed the desktop app on my desktop machine and changed the default folder location, but I can't find where this change is stored in the ~/.dropbox/ directory so I can make the same change on the server.

This page (and several others) recommends a Python script to do the job. Looking at the script, it opens a SQLite database called ~/.dropbox/dropbox.db, which does not exist on my Dropbox install, leading me to believe the script is out-of-date.

This forum thread suggests manually inserting the required row in the config.db database, which I did, but it made no difference. I checked the same database file on my desktop machine, and it does not have the dropbox_path key, so I'm presuming the information in that thread is also out of date for version 2.0.

I have tried to launch the Dropbox GUI configuration wizard over SSH with X11 forwarding, as suggested in one of the answers, but the binary must detect the absence of a local X11 install and it starts a command line daemon instead, which provides no means to change the option I need.

I am currently using a symlink, as suggested as an answer, but this is a kludge. I would like to know the correct way to make the change.

How do I change the Dropbox directory on a headless GNU/Linux server?

Update: I've ditched Dropbox and started using Copy. Their Linux tools and support is far superior to Dropbox. I leave this question here in case someone, someday, can answer it.

Best Answer

You could just create a symlink to ~/Dropbox

ln -s <dir-that-you-want-to-sync> ~/Dropbox
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