Linux – How to disable and re-enable wireless network card in Fedora


I have a laptop that I use mainly as as a back up, but it has a problem with the network card needing to be disabled and re-enabled from time to time. This is easy enough in Windows, but how would I go about this in Fedora (23) from the command line? I don't mean that I just want to stop the wireless connection, but actually disable the network card and re-enable it.

Thanks for the help.

Best Answer

Us these to turn Eth0 or Wlan0 off if these are the network interfaces you want to toggle on and off.

To turn off use:

ifconfig wlan0 down


ifdown wlan0

To turn back on use:

Ipconfig wlan0 up


Ifup wlan0

If you install a more updated package ---> iproute2 Suggested by @MariusMatutiae

Turn Off wlan0.

ip link set dev wlan0 down

Flush wlan0

ip addr flush dev wlan0

Restart Wlan0

ip link set dev wlan0 up