Linux – How to install Linux Mint in a VMware Fusion VM? It fails to boot


I have downloaded linuxmint-14-kde-dvd-32bit.iso and tried to install it, selecting "Linux" and "Ubuntu" for the installation as that looked like the closest match for Mint.

Upon attempting to boot, I get a text error screen that doesn't boot on hitting enter:

EDD: Error 8000 reading sector 535681
No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!

Does this look like I have a corrupt DVD ISO? Are there more helpful things I could be telling VMware Fusion? Is Mint a poor guest?

Advice on what would be helpful diagnostics, or what I can do to create a virtual machine from the DVD ISO, would be welcome.


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Check the md5 of what you downloaded vs what the download site says it should be to check on the integrity of your disc, I think mint also has a "check disc for defects" if you interrupt the normal boot (during the 9second count down).

Mint should be a fine guest, I can't really think of any really poor guests.