Linux – how to record a terminal session in Windows

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Linux and Unix have the script command, which is quite useful:

The script command is a Unix utility that records a terminal
session.1 The scriptreplay command offers a replay function to
script.[2] The session is captured in file name typescript by default;
to specify a different filename follow the script command with a space
and the filename as such: script recorded_session.

The ttyrec program provides the same kind of functionality and offers
several bindings.

Recorded shell sessions can be shared using online services.[3] The
advantage of sessions recorded in this format from the usual
screencasts is that shell instructions can be easily copy/pasted from
the player screen.

What's analogous for Windows?

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for the utility of the script command.

Best Answer

The Powershell transcript command.

The PowerShell console includes a transcript feature to help you record all your activities at the prompt.