Linux – How to remove shortcuts of drives from desktop without unmounting it in Ubuntu


I have a question about unmounting the drives in Linux.

Whenever I open any drives in system its shortcut/image will be shown in the desktop. To remove that, I need to right-click on it and select unmount.

Then only that shortcut disappears. This always happens. So whenever I open any drive all of them would be there in desktop. What I need is for this not to happen. What can I do to achieve that? Can anyone help?

I am using Ubuntu 12.04. Previously I used 10.10 then the same problem was also there.

Best Answer

This was addressed on Ask Ubuntu a few times, here is a post with some screenshots that may be useful:

  1. Press Alt-F2 and enter gconf-editor.
  2. Navigate to apps/nautilus/desktop.
  3. Deselect volumes_visible. gconf-editor

If you want your other volumes to be visible, you will have to add them manually:

  1. Right click on desktop and click 'Create Launcher...'
  2. Change the type to 'Location'
  3. Change the name to suit you.
  4. Browse for the volume.
  5. Change the icon to the 'block device' icon at /usr/share/icons/YOUR_THEME/devices/48/block-device.svg
  6. Click OK.