Linux – Is Flash typically slow on Linux


Specifically, I'm running Mint 8 (Helena). I'm extremely new to Linux, and was searching for a solution that was user-friendly and GUI oriented. The box won't be used for much other than web browsing and word processing.

Anyway, it runs relatively smoothly, except for Youtube videos… especially full-screen, which runs at like 1 FPS, and even after closing, slows Firefox to a crawl until I restart it.

I'd seen an xkcd comic on the matter, but regarded it as a joke until now. Is this actually a problem? Are there any remedies I can try to smooth the applications?

Best Answer

No, flash is not typically slow under Linux.

Since you mention slow fullscreen video, are you sure 2D hardware acceleration is working in your setup? If it doesn't, software acceleration will be used, and it is much slower.