Linux – Is it possible to fold text with LibreOffice Writer


Is it possible to fold text with LibreOffice Writer?

I'm talking about a way to have not so much used lines folded into just one, that can be expanded if you click on the '+' that lies on the left. This exists in quite a lot of text editors.

If possible, I'd like it to be recursive, so that text can be folded within text that can be folded. This forms a tree, similar to what we find in many file explorers, or in regedit in windows, for example.

Best Answer

It doesn't exist, but other people have expressed interest in seeing the same. I have found the LibreOffice development team to be extremely approachable, friendly, and helpful -- I'm not sure they'd drop everything and implement this for you, but I'm sure if you could get someone else's interest who is very enthusiastic about adding this, you could work together to pull it off.

Still, the reality is that you can't do this today. Sometimes the right answer is "no"...

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